A date with Jesus

A date with Jesus

written by Cecilia November 7, 2018

Throughout my entire life with God, I continue to learn the same lesson over and over again. It doesn’t matter in how many ministries you are involved or how many good deeds you do in the name of God; none of that surpasses the glorious privilege of spending time with Jesus.

Spending time together

The rest of the things we do for the Lord are not pointless or unimportant. God treasures every thing and moment we dedicate to Him. But what I’m talking about here is that time we set apart to give absolute and devoted attention to God. We might take for granted that spending time with God is truly a privilege. Think of the fact that the God of the whole universe wants to be with YOU. He knows you by name. He knows the depths of your heart and enjoys every part of it. He is such a loving God, longing to just simply be with you.

I had a date with Jesus

When I was around 19 years old, I went through a season in which God was deepening my roots in Him. During that time I remember wanting to spend as much time as possible with Him. So one day I decided that I would have a date with Jesus and take time to pray in a different way. I love tea, so I made two cups of tea: one for me and one for Jesus. I went to the prayer room and started to talk to Him. During the whole “date” I could hear in my heart Jesus reacting to my questions and I imagined Him being in front of me, drinking that cup of tea. At the end, I had to drink both cups of tea, of course, but the whole experience made me feel Jesus somehow closer.

This stills sounds really funny in my head when I think about it. It was such an innocent and pure hunger for the Lord, which made me do whatever possible thing to feel closer to Him.

I still wait for the day in which Jesus will actually drink that cup of tea.

Can you imagine that one day we will actually stand face to face with Jesus? What a glorious moment that will be! But God has given us the privilege to be with Him already in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit can reveal to our hearts who Jesus is, as we come to have fellowship with Him. We can already have glimpses of Jesus and how it will be when we see Him in all His glory. I still wait for the day in which Jesus will actually drink that cup of tea, though!

Set a moment apart!

As I grow older and life gets busier I notice that it becomes a challenge to set a moment apart to be with the Lord. But of one thing I am sure: every time I do actually do it, it is definitely the best part of the day! Maybe you have a very busy schedule and you just find it difficult to take time to pray. Or maybe you already manage to have a daily time with the Lord! Beautiful! But if you are struggling to spend time with Jesus, I encourage you to search for creative ways of spending times with Him. I have a friend who decided to have a pizza date together with Jesus. How funny is that! Whatever it takes to activate your body, mind and soul to be with the Lord!

Whatever you decide and plan to do, be faithful with it. It is a sacred time between you and the Lord Almighty!


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