About us

by Albert David Bakker


She Rises is inspired by Proverbs 31. It tells us that a woman with a noble character is worth far more than jewels. Women are invited to rise up in this truth every day and feel free, desired and valued. She Rises believes that God longs for all the women in the world to get to know Him and be His daughters. Made in the perfect image of our Father, beloved by our perfect Father. She Rises is convinced that women matter and can make a difference in their environment when they experience this powerful truth in their heart.


Women are worthy. Driven by the love of God, it is the mission of She Rises to make this truth known to all the women in the world. She Rises will be doing this by sharing the news on Social Media, blogs, video’s, podcast and through Bible courses. Encouraging content will be made for women all over the world, by women all over the world.

‘’Who can find a woman of noble character?
For her value is far more than jewels.’’
-Proverbs 31:10


She Rises to serve

We are all both doers and victims of sin, because of this, we live in great brokenness. Because we hurt others and have been hurt, we often become cold and bitter, and our hearts are shrinking and shrinking. But there is hope!

When we allow Jesus into our hearts, as Lord, Master, and Savior of our lives, He can make beauty out of our ashes. Jesus comes with His merciful love and begins to pour out His love and truth into us. Because of this, we get out of the ashes, from being broken into small pieces we start to rise. Little by little, we are allowed to learn who Jesus is and what He has done for us, and who we are in Him because of what He has done. When we are so full of His truth and love, there is no room for Satan’s lies anymore.

We are standing up straight, knowing who we are in Christ. But to what meaning are we standing up straight? When we read Proverbs 31 describing the powerful and bold woman, it becomes very clear to me. We’re standing straight to serve others, just like Jesus Himself. He did not come to be served but to serve, the great King. We stand to hand out what He gives us. We are an ezer, which means ‘help, protect, someone who helps’. To do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but rather in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to our own interests but each of us to the interests of others, to wash each other’s feet. To be that humble, you have to be so strong and powerful to being able to do so. That is true power and strength. It is not what the world depicts as strong and powerful, but certainly what God says. We become overflowing cups. Because we are so full of His love and truth and His power, we’re overflowing, and we want to give His love and light to others in return.”