God is after your heart

God is after your heart

written by Carla April 25, 2018

I don’t know about you, but there were seasons in my life when I felt so guilty. Our children were small and I had to juggle with lots of things; a peaceful quiet time with an open Bible and being with God was rare. I did want that, but I couldn’t always find the peace and quiet to be with Him. Do you recognize that?

Feeling guilty

If so… don’t feel guilty when you cannot always find the time to be still and read His Word. Just tell Him every day you love Him. Feeling guilty will only shame you away from His presence. He loves you and knows about the things that are on your plate.

Feeling guilty will shame you away from Him.

I know now that feeling guilty was a waste of time. It screwed up my thinking that I was not good enough in God’s eyes, because I couldn’t live up to the standard I grew up with… Read your Bible pray every day if you want to grow. Apparently I did not grow like He wanted me to grow, because every time I wanted to sit down to be quiet before Him, the phone rang, or our daughter woke up early from her nap.

God has no favorites

God is after our heart. It is not about how many chapters you read every day. One daily verse that sticks with you can make your day. Instead, make a habit of worshipping Him while you’re doing what you need to do and you will notice His presence right where you are.

My son, [my daughter] give Me your heart’ – Proverbs 23.

This week I read an entry in my diary from many years ago. It was from such a season in life that I just described and I want to pass it on and encourage you, because God does not have favorites… He is after your heart too.

In an ordinary street of an ordinary village an ordinary housewife kneels before her Lord to worship Him before the kids come home from school. And while she is singing it seems to her the heavenly armies join in her song and exalt the King of kings with her, as the Creator of the universe comes down and fills His daughter with overwhelming peace.


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