Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask

written by Ashley June 22, 2019

“Don’t ever assume you know what someone is dealing with.  There are women who walk around daily with the weight of the world on her shoulders but a smile on her face.  Encourage, support, and love one another.  And above all, it is ok to struggle, God doesn’t require us to have everything together at all times…that’s His job”

Masks Off

Do you feel like you must get up every morning and put your mask on? Whether that is makeup covering the fact you did not get much sleep last night, or if it is simply just faking a smile throughout the day. You know the mask I am talking about, the one that states, “I’m okay.” The mask that hides how you are really feeling inside, knowing you are falling apart but must remain strong on the outside. But, do you? At what point in life did women decide that they had to always be put together, strong for everyone around them, and act as if they are unbreakable? Sister, I get it. I am right there with you, smiling through the struggle.

Don’t be ashamed.

Everyone struggles from time to time, and we all struggle differently and over different things. And, you know what?? THAT’S OKAY! God never intended on us to carry the load ourselves. People say all the time, “God will not give you more than you can handle.” Well, I know personally, it sure feels like He has given me a large load—but, I always survive, may not be pretty, but I do survive.

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” Isaiah 40:29

None of us will ever know exactly what another person is struggling with. Perhaps they choose to wake up and put their mask on every morning, or maybe they share their struggles with others -still doesn’t mean we will ever know how they are feeling. These are the times we need to encourage, love, and support each other.

He has set us free

Let me share with you, if you are in Christ, YOU are set free. Christ took everything to the cross for you to live freely. You do not have to hide behind that mask if you don’t want too. He has set us free from our past mistakes, sin, and shame, freed us from the pressure to perform, free from others’ expectations and comparison!

Sister, it is ok for you to fall short, to struggle to keep your head above water-find your strength within God’s grace and mercy.

“I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So do not be troubled or afraid.” John: 14:27

If you are struggling, keep declaring you are blessed, you are favored, and you are loved. Because no matter what you are struggling with, God is there, and He is loving you through every bit of it. Stop beating yourself up, no one is perfect.

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