A cat or a lion?

A cat or a lion?

written by Willemien May 18, 2018

In my last blog I wrote “Sometimes God can call you to do something out of your comfort-zone, something you don’t feel like doing or something you can’t even imagine seeing yourself do. You might even wonder if God didn’t mistake you for someone else when He called you for this task.” Well today I would like to get back on that. Because I wondered, if your recognize questioning yourself, where do these doubts come from?

Impossible task

When we first read in Judges about Gideon, he is introduced as a man who is hiding away out of fear for his opponents. Then an angel appears and calls Gideon a mighty warrior. I always imagine Gideon looking around him searching for this mighty warrior when it strikes him the angel is referring to him. Then the Lord tells him to go in his strength for is it not God himself who is sending him. This is where Gideon really gets confused. Strength? Lord, what are you talking about, my clan is the weakest and I am the least of my family! God is wise and all-knowing, but here He must be mistaking, it is impossible you are referring to me! Gideon knows himself too well to believe God is actually sending him on this impossible task. But does he? Does Gideon know himself that well? Does he know himself better then God who created him?

Sculpted by the Sculptor

Isn’t this exactly what the Bible describes when it talks about the pot and the potter in Romans 9 “But who are you, a human being, to talk back to God? “Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, ‘Why did you make me like this?”

The sculptor can already see the image hidden inside the rock.

Before you were born, God thought about you, He made a plan, He knew the works He would prepare for you to do, so He would know exactly what kind of character, skills and talents were needed for you in order to fulfil His purpose for you. We do not always see all that is within us. When you look in the mirror you maybe see a cat, while God sees a lion in you. When a sculptor starts working on a new sculpture, we only see a formless rock, but the sculptor can already see the image hidden inside the rock. He knows what parts should be removed so that only the important parts remain and the viewer can see the whole image.

God knows best

God knows what He planted inside of you, even before it starts to show. For He knows the plans He has for you. He predestined you for the works He has planned in advance as its written in Ephesians. Gideon couldn’t believe his ears, he even tried to argue with God. Then he decided to test how serious God was about this and asked for multiple signs, and God was patient and reassured Gideon that this is what He had in store for him and that Gideon was the right men for the job. It is okay to feel inadequate at first or uneased about a task, but be assured that your Creator and heavenly Father who planned you, made you and called you, actually knows better than you… He knows best. And you can trust Him.


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