You have no competitor

You have no competitor

written by Willemien November 3, 2018

“I just can’t believe it! Look at her, she can sing, dance and looks gorgeous! Some people just have it all! While others…..while I….”

Sounds familiar? Well, it shouldn’t, because no one is your competitor.

Uniquely created

You are unique, there is no one like you, everyone has her own specific gifts and talents, we all have different callings and are placed in different countries, families, jobs, and churches. None of us is the same but we do have one thing in common. We have the same “Dad”. We are all daughters from the Highest King. Our Father doesn’t love one daughter more than the other and our Father is not limited in His blessings, meaning He can bless your neighbor with a gift of hospitality, that doesn’t mean He can’t bless you with the same gift or with another.

We share the same goal

We have the same Father, we are all loved and we all work in the same business! We are all workers in the Lord’s vineyard. We all serve I Gods Kingdom. So that means we are not competitors of each other. If my neighbors’ church gets more new members than my church, praise the Lord, it doesn’t matter because we have the same goal, winning souls for His kingdom. If the other worshipper gets the lead song, praise the Lord, for we all sing for the glory of God. If my colleague gets the promotion, praise the Lord, for God has good plans for all of us. Wouldn’t this be an amazing attitude? To celebrate others victories? To be glad for those who are glad? To wish others well, without any jealousy?

The lost son(s)

You have heard this parable probably so many times, but every time I am amazed that different speakers can bring out a new aspect of the story. I’m talking about the parable of the lost son. Well, let’s take a look at the older brother. Because actually they were both lost.

He didn’t see the blessings that were there for him

Even though the older brother was in His Fathers house the whole time, he was also far away from His Dad. He couldn’t celebrate the homecoming of his brother because he felt jealous of the treatment his younger brother got. He asks why he never got a party like that, while he was there the whole time. He didn’t know how loved he was by the Father, he didn’t see the blessings that were there for him all along. His Father was willing to throw him a party if only he would’ve asked.

Don’t block your own blessings

When you see someone else get blessed, do you think God loves that person more? It is important to know that we are loved by our Father and that His plans for us are good. The moment we are jealous and build up aversion against someone we are blocking our own blessings. The Bible says that when the youngest son asks for his share of the heritage, the Father gives them both their share. The oldest son was misled because he also received his share.

Let’s shine together

How do you see our Father? Do you see Him as a loving and caring Father who does not discriminate? I act like the oldest son every time that I look for unconditional love anywhere else but at the Fathers’ heart.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23 

Fill your heart with Gods love for you so your heart can celebrate with others for their successes, for their triumphs, their victories, cause there ours too! We are called to be the light in this world, when someone else shines her light, don’t try to dim it down, don’t try to overshine it, just shine together and be glad that there is more light for His glory!


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