How to be a strong woman

How to be a strong woman

written by Lexi May 3, 2018

Miss Proverbs 31 has it all together. She’s living her best life, she’s super domestic, even has her own business going, and she’s succeeding and thriving in all she does. Her character is on point and she knows fully who she is. “She is clothed in strength and dignity, and laughs without fear of the future”. I’ve envied her in seasons when I have felt far from being like her. If we’re honest, Miss Proverbs 31 can be intimidating… maybe even cause us to feel a bit bad about ourselves, like we don’t measure up. But even this Proverbs 31 gal had to make choices to step into the women God made her to be. How do we become women like this, who look forward into the unknown and have joy that overflows into laughter?

Lean into God

Peter speaks of putting off our old man, and putting on Christ. The same application applies here. For us to be “clothed” in other words be women whose character is rooted in strength and dignity, then we FIRST must put off our old selves. The parts of us that lean on our own strength instead of Gods, the parts of us that seek our value in other people or popularity, these must be tossed out like week old leftovers. Strength and dignity come from stepping into our identity in Jesus, and by choosing to walk in Gods ways. Our girlfriend, Miss proverbs 31 did not just wake up like this. She chose day in and day out to lean into God, to put off her old self and clothe herself in Jesus.

Put off your old man, put on Christ

Maybe right now you wish you could live life with more strength and dignity in Christ but you feel far from that. Maybe your hope is low because of circumstances you are facing right now. Know this, this passage is for you. Gods plan for you is to be a woman of strength and dignity, a woman who can laugh at the future.

The Holy Spirit

There is no time like the present to invite the Holy Spirit to help you let go of being strong on your own and lean into Gods perfect and limitless strength. He wants to see you walk with dignity knowing you are His child, and to look to the future with confidence because you are His.


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