A counter-sound to the critic inside us

A counter-sound to the critic inside us

written by Willemien November 1, 2018

This week I was having tea with two old neighbors, we meet every 3 months or so and we update each other on how we’ve been. And every time I am amazed at how many women struggle with a critical voice within them. We criticize our own thoughts, the things we do or don’t do, our actions, our words, and it seems we are never happy and glad about the way we are.


We act like “Martha” in the Bible, there is always more to do and we feel it is never the right time to just sit and be. When we look closer to the story of Martha and at the background of a woman in that time, it isn’t strange what Martha is doing. They are getting visitors so the house must be cleaned and prepared for guests, she needs to show hospitality and prepare a meal for the men. There was nothing unusual about her acting.


On the other hand, it was pretty bold of Mary to leave her work and to sit with the men, at the feet, listening to Jesus. That wasn’t the place for a woman to be at that time. But Jesus isn’t limited by religion, tradition or time. Jesus, God, has a heart full of love for people, He wants to be in a relationship with us and He longs for us to spend time at His feet. It was time for Martha to see Who actually was visiting them and to acknowledge the most valuable time she could have to leave her daily chores, to ignore the expectations of others and to choose to sit at the feet of Jesus. To feel loved for who she is and not for what she does.

We don’t have to…

Isn’t that exactly the core of why we keep being busy, why we are never satisfied with ourselves and always compare ourselves? We measure our worth and value according to what we do as a person instead of who we are. We don’t have to run around and be perfect all the time, we don’t have to meet the expectations of family, friends, and colleagues and we definitely don’t need to listen to that critic voice inside our heads telling us that we could do better, faster, friendlier etc. Let’s leave our tasks for what they are, get a cup of tea or coffee, sit in our relax chair or couch, breath in, clear our minds and focus on the truth. Because we are Gods children, we know the truth!

Be who He made you to be

What a difference does it make when we have a counter sound too the critic inside us. And that’s Gods voice. The Father telling us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, that He loves us just the way we are, with all our flaws. His voice wants to assure you it is all right to make mistakes, it changes nothing about His love for us. He encourages you not to blame yourself and wrap yourself in shame and guilt, but to feel free from all criticism and just be who He made you to be. You are a child of God, you are who He says you are. Don’t let this critic inside us rule our thoughts but let your mind be renewed with Gods words and His thought about you. No matter what you will or won’t do today, no matter how you look or dress, no matter what others say. You are His precious daughter over which He rejoices!


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