Creating an Environment and Heart of Worship

Creating an Environment and Heart of Worship

written by Katrina March 23, 2019

Worship is more than music but music has the ability to inspire your mood, attitude and shift your focus. Worship is turning your undivided attention to the subject of your desire.

Whatever has our hearts, has our worship. And we become what we worship. Someone with an alcohol problem worships alcohol and then becomes an alcoholic. Someone that commits adultery, worships his infidelity, then becomes an adulterer. When we worship God and make Him the subject of our desire, we become more like Him. 

New Seasons Coming and Going

With new seasons coming and going, depending on where you live, summer represents a time of celebration and praise; autumn or fall represents harvest season as well as letting go of old things; winter represents stillness and purification, washing away the old and spring represents a new beginning. Spring is a great time to purge, clean and organize. After a time of short daylight, the sun rises and shines on all that is dark and needs to be dusted, organized and prioritized.


Springtime is a great time to prepare for Resurrection Sunday, preparing our environment and heart for the Lord. The physical is just a manifestation of the spiritual as what is going on in the inside, will always make its way to the outside.

Here are a few ways that you can create an environment and heart of worship.

  • Removing the Idols: There is an old saying that we are what we eat. The first step in creating an environment of worship is to remove all of the idols. This can be anything that is toxic, tempting, distracting or something that can be a stumble in our paths. Whether it is alcohol in the refrigerator, perverted images on your computer, worldly music on your playlist or horror movies on your watchlist, negative images on our social media feed, removing them from your home and sight will create a clear mind, clean heart and space for God to do something new in your life. Start by writing a list and then purge accordingly. Remember, our timelines are called a “feed” for a reason.
  • Cover Your Home in Worship Music: Cover your home in worship music by keeping your focus and attention on God in everything you do. Play worship music often, especially when beginning and ending your day. The root word of music is “muse” which means to be spiritually inspired. This can be good or bad depending on what type of spirits are behind the music. Music saturates the atmosphere and can inspire your mood, attitude and focus.
  • Cover your Home with the Word of God: One of the best things that you can do in your home is to cover your home with the word of God. You may be tempted to place statues around your home with angels and graven images but graven images can quickly become idolatry. Deuteronomy 6 instructs us to recite, meditate, hang, and adorn God’s word, scripture and His commandments around the doors of our homes, our necks, our hearts and our and our children’s minds. The Word of God is our armor against evil. It protects and covers us. Placing it around us and meditating on it will help us memorize it and we will be able to return to it when we are facing trials. The Word of God is so powerful that He created the world with a word. It was also used by Jesus to combat the offers from Satan when He was sent into the desert to be tempted.
  • Cover your Home With Prayer: Prayer is talking to God and reading the Word of God is God talking back to us. When you cover your home in prayer, you commit your home to Him and accept his guidance. Create a war room or alter in your home; a place covered in scripture that you go to pray and release the burdens on your heart, mourn your losses or celebrate your victories.
  • Cover Your Home With Praise: Praise is the ability to proclaim God’s goodness with words of affirmation and celebration. When we speak life, we release power in our lives as well as in the lives of others.

There was a study done by a scientist named Masaru Emoto called “The Rice Experiment.” He placed rice in three separate jars and labeled one with “praise,” one with “criticism” and one with neglect. Each day he would praise the jar labeled “praise,” criticize the jar labeled “criticism” and ignore the one labeled “neglect.” He found after about 21 days that the “praise” jar thrived and became white and fluffy. The second jar labeled “criticism” became green and moldy and the last jar became black. This was evidence that our words have power. But it also showed that the opposite of love was not hate but indifference, proving that ignorance and neglect has a powerful impact on our home, environment minds and hearts.

If our words have that much power over rice, imagine how it impacts our children, loved ones and our own hearts. Praise is the first jar. Speak life.

  • Cover Your Home With Peace: Peace is the absence of war. Your home should be your sanctuary after going out into the world all day. When you arrive home, it should be a place free of war and conflict. Try not to invite people into your home that will bring or discuss nothing but conflict and stress, but invite others to dine at your table. In biblical times, hospitality was very important to people and was always an act of peacemaking and peacekeeping often taking place around a banquet table.

When we create an environment of worship, our attention is focused on God and we begin to think, believe and feel like Him. What used to make no sense, will begin to make sense and what was important becomes no longer important. We will then be prepared to be used by Him and for Him.

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