Dirty Feet

Dirty Feet

written by Kelly August 29, 2019

In light of current events and the culture in which we are living, it just isn’t the time to sit in our comfortable pews and think we are doing all we can. YES, scripture is clear that in the last days we will see a moral decay BUT it is also clear that we are to stay diligent in His service and work! 

Dirty Feet

I am reminded of the beautiful act of service that Jesus Himself modeled for us, the washing of the disciple’s feet. Jesus and His disciples I know had to have had dirty feet. He didn’t sit in the temple and wait for the lost to come to Him… He never instructed His disciples to do that either. His instruction and example were to GO. His feet and their feet were dirty because of the miles they traveled sharing the good news with the lost, performing miracles and meeting the needs of many.

Just as He did

It would be so much easier for me to sit on a pew and pray for the lost people of this world and as a matter of fact, that would keep my feet clean! But I have been convicted that I don’t want to get caught with clean feet. If Jesus were to return today only to wash the feet of His servants, I wouldn’t want Him to pass me by! I want Him to find mine dirty… Dirty from walking….dirty from going carrying His message to the lost and dirty from serving those in need just as He did. Yep, I would want Him to find mine in need of a good old’ scrubbing!

My prayer today is, “Lord, give me a heart and a desire to have dirty feet”.

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