E-coach online Bible course (EN)

by Gertia

She Rises (part of GlobalRize) is an online movement for and by women all over the world. Inspired by Proverbs 31:10 we aim to motivate and encourage women to rise  and share with others what God has done in their lives. We reach out to women with blogs on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

She Rises also wants to offer GlobalRize’s free chronological bible course BiblBasics. The course is aimed at people who want to know more about God and about the Gospel. Some of the students are already convinced Christians, others are not or not yet.

We are looking for e-coaches who check submitted answers and guide students in their exploration.


  • Coaching BiblBasics students. It is up to you how many students you wish to coach.
  • Checking for new submits or comments of your students every day (excluding vacations)

Your profile:

  • Love for Jesus Christ
  • Mature Christian
  • You live in obedience to God
  • You are able to discuss matters of faith and Christianity in a way comprehensible for people new to it
  • Instead of merely preaching, you are able to ask questions to encourage an open conversation

Are you interested? Send an e-mail to info@she-rises.net

As a voluntary for She Rises you will become part of a growing movement that will soon feel like a family.