written by Myra Braswell November 7, 2019

I have never been an early-riser! In fact, I am not especially fond of the early morning jarring as the
alarm clock sounds off disturbing me from the comforts of my down pillow and favorite blanket.


I have often laughed at the cliché “the early bird catches the worm”, because who likes worms anyway? But,
as my feet meet the floor and work to steady me in my morning grog, there is almost a hallowed
stillness, a quiet comfort, and a peace that finds place in my heart! Before the chaos of the day
overtakes my waking hours it seems at least for the moment, all is right with the world.

As I greet the day (making my way to the kitchen for a cup of brewed motivation) with sleep still in
my eyes and the craziest bedhead you have ever seen, I become instantly aware that my Savior is there!
Psalm 121: 1-5 is one of my favorite scripture passages and in verses 3 and 4 we are told: “He will not let
thy foot slip- He who watches over you will not slumber; Indeed, He who watches over you will neither
slumber nor sleep.” Then, in that moment of awareness, and sometimes audibly, the words “Good
Morning, God!” gently fall from my lips. I feel grateful! He has been up all night: vigilant, watchful,
protective, caring for, and loving me! And, it is He who is there to steady me as I start my day!

An Invitation

His gift of a new day comes with an invitation. Tenderly He invites me to come into His presence and
share conversation. He longs to talk to me, to hear about my plans for the day, and to share His heart’s
desire with me. He longs for me to know His purpose, and to listen to His words of wisdom and
direction. He bids me come close, just for a few minutes to enjoy the sweetness and pleasure of His
company and to feel His blessed embrace.
– He’s been waiting for me to wake up! He longs for my fellowship and bids me by His Spirit to give Him
place and significance before the tasks and obligations of the day can crowd Him out and rob us of our
time together. It is the most precious of moments; as my thoughts and direction come into agreement
with His purpose for me I experience a deep resolve and confidence in who He has gifted me to be and
what I am to accomplish with the day He has given.

He is Waiting

I am often reminded of the scripture passages in Mark Chapter 16, where Mary went EARLY, “just
after sunrise” (vs. 2) to the visit the tomb of Jesus, and then in verse 9 “Jesus rose EARLY on the first day
of the week, and He appeared first to Mary…” Who doesn’t like to be first? Wow! There was a certain
reward in here getting up with the dawn that day! The Savior had made an appointment to visit her
first! What if Mary had decided she was just too tired to get out of bed that day? What if her
motivation had sorely been lacking? My goodness! What a blessing she would have missed!! She rose
and met the Master, and He was waiting especially for her!

Our Lord waits for each of us in just that same way! He has scheduled an appointment time, EARLY!
He longs to reveal Himself to us in a fresh new way with each magnificent sunrise. Look at Lamentations
3:22-23. It says, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never end; they are new every
morning, great is His faithfulness.” What good thing is the Savior waiting to share with you? What story
awaits as you step into your divine appointment with the God who created you?

Oh yes, dear beloved one, let us rise early to meet Him! There is something special that is meant for
just you! Just like Mary was meant to be the first to know of his resurrection, there is an encounter that
is meant just for you, EARLY! So, let me challenge you to be an “early bird”. I promise there will be no
“worms” only the wonderful experience of time with the lover of your soul!
How sweet it is when “She Rises”! Amen!!

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