Free Bible Reading Plan

by Gerdina

This month, July, we want to pounder the question ‘What do you live for?’ Phew, what a big question you might think … Well, don’t be alarmed. Also in this theme, we think it is important to relate it to your daily life and to make it practically applicable: how can I live my life in contact with God so that I have an eye for His honor and can do good. Or as one of the texts says: So whether you eat or drink or do anything else, do everything in honor of God.

Some of you asked if we wanted to make worksheets again with the Bible Reading Plan. This time we have created a universal worksheet that you can use for every day (and therefore can print 31 times;)) We chose the S.O.A.P. method, you may have seen it on Pinterest or other sites.

It is a simple method but effective: You first write down the Bible text (Scripture) so that you read it very consciously.

Then you write down your observations (Observation): what do you notice, what lesson is in the text?

Then write down how you can apply this in your own life (Application).

Below that there is still room to write out your prayer.

We hope the Bible reading plan and worksheet help you make the Word speak to you. On Instagram and Facebook, you will find matching reflections every day.

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