Give Her Childlike Faith

Give Her Childlike Faith

written by Hannah Dearth January 15, 2020

Give Her Childlike Faith

The contagious joy of a child is a special thing. It is innocent. It does not come from a place of judgment, or fear, or insecurity. If you imagine it, you can almost hear the deep belly laughter of a child, and it feels impossible not to smile.

How long has it been since you have looked at something like a child does? Not acted “childish”, but let go of your pride and embraced humility, let go of the weight of the world and celebrated each moment and felt joy and full of excitement? As we get older, it can easily get much more difficult to come to both Jesus and the world this way.

As a beautiful reminder, Matthew 18:1-5 says in the summary that Jesus asks who is the greatest in heaven and then proceeds to answer with “children”. He then goes on to say that unless we both change and become like little children, and welcome those in who do as well, we will not get into heaven. Whoever welcomes a child, welcomes Him in.

Think of all of the things that are limiting your faith: unbelief in the fullness of His word, trust issues, becoming hurt or hardened by the world. The little ones have not faced this yet. They recenter us with their giggles and smiles and excitement for most everything! Hard moments or lots of emotions are quickly recentered with laughter and love. They are the example of being quick to forgive. When they are upset, they soon forget and begin playing again without carrying a grudge. They are comforted in the little moments, and they are content there. Whether it is as small as making breakfast or just going on a simple walk…they embody His truth. They are present and in it and loving and trusting that everything will be okay. That’s how he wants us to come to him. To be with him. To be with one another.

Meanwhile, we are caught up in the work that we have put into something, how tired we are, and how much we have to do is all swirling around in our head on this walk, but the kids are singing and making games out of it and admiring the sunny day. Their hearts are SO full of joy and happiness. There are no concerns about his provision or self-centered needs.

Would you join me in being a kid again? In singing and dancing at the feet of Jesus? In overflowing with goodness and radiating positivity?

Do not mistake this as not growing in our faith. We still want big faith, strong faith, rooted faith that is always growing and showing itself, but in order to truly gain this, the irony is that we also need hearts and spirits like these little ones that “are not anxious about the future” that are humble and kind and present and joyful and that can come to God and each other as we are. No pain or judgment here. Just children of God!

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