Growing into sisterhood

Growing into sisterhood

written by Cecilia August 8, 2018

Probably many of you grew up being sisters and already master the art of being one. But maybe there are some of us, who feel like we don’t always remember how to be a sister and how to build each other up. Do you feel like you could grow in sisterhood a bit more?

Non-biological sister

One of the things I missed in my life was having a sister. I grew up as an only child, since my mom had a miscarriage when my sister, Camila, was 7 months in her womb. Even though I never got to see her, I always tried to imagine what kind of things we would have done together. Growing up I had to figure out how to be a sister to my friends, which was truly a challenge, because I didn’t have the experience. I always thought I didn’t have that “title” on me: sister. I wondered,
“could I also be a sister?” God took me on a journey to discover the beauty of the presence of other women in my life, who have been an excellent role model and who have somehow awaken the sister in me.

Deep friendship

I love the friendship that David and Jonathan had in the Bible. They were truly like brothers and they always had each other’s back. On 1 Samuel 18:1 it says that “Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself ”. It says that they became ONE in spirit. That is SO deep! This sets up the example of what kind of friendships God wants us to have with women around us. Being one in spirit goes beyond just hanging out or going shopping with your girlfriends. This speaks of soul and spirit connection. Sisterhood is about having women in your life who will speak truth and life into you, whatever you need to hear, even if it’s confrontational!

Building each other up

Let’s be real. Many times we women can be competitive with other women, even unconsciously and we forget how to truly care about each other. I don’t believe that we are suppose to call every woman around us our “sister”, because that would make her someone really close to your heart. But I do believe that we can treat all women as sisters. How can we do that? The Bible gives us the answer: by building each other up.

“Therefore encourage one another and build up one anoher, just as you also are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Here are some things you can consider to build other women up:

  • Compliments: Do you like that shirt she is wearing or her beautiful hair? Just let her know your admiration!
  • Encouragements: Do you think that she has done a great job decorating her home? Just say it to her. Did you like the way she made that birthday cake? Let her know how good it was!
  • Care: Have you ever wondered how important it is to ask someone how they are doing? Not just in a casual way, but to truly ask how their heart is doing? No matter if she’s going through a good ora bad time, it always touches one’s heart when someone really cares about them. Your care can also be seen in practical ways, of course. Maybe she needs help carrying something or she needs a ride somewhere?
  • Listen & be there: We women really like to talk and we have a lot to say. Let that sister speak from her heart and let her know that you are there for her.
  • Hospitality: One of my favourite ones. Make her feel absolutely welcome, comfortable and be attentive to her needs.
  • Advice: It is wise to share wisdom. Is she in need of some light in her path? Take the time to pray and to see what the Lord’s counseling is upon her life.
  • Confront: This is a difficult one. No one likes to say the hard truth. Is she living in sin? Has she been behaving selfishly? You can “sister” her by helping her to grow with words of love.

Easy (to forget)

It doesn’t sound very difficult to be a sister to others, does it? It is something that is naturally written in our hearts, but that we can very easily forget or become sluggish to. Do you feel like you forget to care sometimes? Or maybe you’ve felt like you don’t have anyone to truly call your sister. What if you try being a sister for someone else instead? Have you become passive in “sistering” the women around you? What can you do about it ? How can you bless them?

Think about it!


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