Jesus take the wheel

Jesus take the wheel

written by She Rises July 7, 2021

Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it. Matthew

Do you recognize this… You long to surrender to Jesus, but you hesitate. You really want to
surrender, but still, you don’t do it. You find it scary to not know what will happen in your life when
you surrender to Him? You rather want to decide for yourself what you do and how you live? You’re
attending church, but it’s more of a habit. And when the pastor, or someone else is speaking
beautiful words about how much God means to them, it may touch you. You want to experience that
as well, but you lack confidence. You continue your life, but actually you would rather live a different

With due respect I would like to compare it with driving a car without navigation. When you are at
the wheel, you have control over the car. But the journey is lonesome, you are all alone. No one
sitting next to you who accompanies you all the way. No one to talk to, no one to share your stories
with. No one who tells you where to go and how to get there. You’re the only one deciding which
way to go, even risking to take a dangerous turn, to risk an accident and eventually perish.
I want to remind you that there is a God, Who is waiting at the carpool. He will sing and dance with
joy together with the angels when you decide to give over the wheel and let Him drive your car. He
does not care where you are right now, He knows that you’re coming to surrender. He will drive you
to the right destination. You are allowed to make mistakes while in the passenger seat, and you know
what?… That is a comfy seat!

Are you sure you don’t want to check this out, because you still want to be in control? Are you sure
you prevent Him and His angels to rejoice over you, because you don’t give over the wheel?
With Jesus at the wheel of your life, you have a Companion who loves you, who will always be with
you, also when you’re having a hard time. He takes away your fears. He will protect you and will
bring you home to an eternal celebration, because you will not perish. What a joy.
Let’s turn to the above Scripture: ‘Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for
my sake will find it.’

This means you will lose your own life in surrender to Jesus, but in turn you will find your true self in
Jesus. Not one person I know who is a child of God ever regretted that he/she gave their life over to

Who is at the wheel of your car? You or God? And who stays there?

Prayer: Dear Jesus, Thank You that You are waiting at the carpool until we give over the wheel to
you! Lord, we don’t deserve Your grace and yet You give us grace! Open our eyes to see and
understand that we need to give the wheel over to You and climb in the passenger seat.
Holy Spirit, help the people who read this to make this decision to surrender in prayer. You tell us dat
for someone who knocks the door will open, and someone who seeks, will find. Give the right words
when someone does not know what to pray. You know their hearts, You know everything.
When we ask, receive us as Your children Lord and bless us. I ask this in Your name, only by grace this
is possible. Amen.

Written by: @bertine_vdw

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