Like a flame untamed

Like a flame untamed

written by Willemien June 28, 2018

Some people always seem full of passion and fire for God. Their enthusiasm can fill up a room, when they talk about God the room lightens up. People who are always abundant in praising, loud in singing and convincing in their believe. I remember a quote which says “Let me burn like a flame untamed”. A beautiful statement, isn’t that something to aim for? A fire that can’t be stopped, a constant enthusiasm and a burning passion for Jesus everyday of our lives.

First love

It’s definitely something I aim for, or eagerly want, but it’s not so simple. The moment we get to know Jesus and surrender our lives, it’s all new, we are eager to learn more, read more, pray more, spend time with God. Every possibility given, we take to share the gospel. I remember the first Christmas after I dedicated my life to God, when I give a Christian book to all my family members. That first love is the best. It’s the same when we fall in love with another human. The first months you want to spend every possible minute together, you can’t get enough of each other and you want to get to know the other person more and more. But the longer you are together or married, that first love flows into a deeper kind of love. A more stabile kind of love. And with Jesus it’s the same as with our husbands, we need to make time to keep that spark going. We need to have quality time, do things together, keep the conversation going, make memories together. So that first love passes on to a deeper love.

Our first love flows into a deeper kind of love

Let me burn like a flame untamed

Were we first needed to discover Gods deep love for us, we now know that He loves us deeply. The first amazement we felt with everything we discovered, flows into a deeper understanding and knowing. And then its harder to stay burning like a flame untamed. We don’t want to become luke-warm, but how do we manage to stay hot? I love this new song from Hillsong, New Wine. They sing about how we lay down our old flames, to carry Gods new fire. ‘Cause when there is new fire, there is new power, there is new freedom and His kingdom is here. To let our flame be fired up again by God we need to constantly keep seeking Him.

Create quality time

Like I said before, just as in our marriage or relationship, we need to keep finding ways to have quality time together. Well, I am a mother, a teacher, I have my own business and a household to keep running It is hard to find some peaceful and quiet times. But I know how important it is to spend time with God if I want to stay passionate about Him. For me it helps to listen to worship music when I drive my car, or when I’m doing my laundry. It is helpful to go to church on a regular base and not just the Sunday services, but also during the week to a prayer meeting or Bible study. Meetings where you learn from other Christians, get encouraged by their testimonies and worship together.

In order to teach you first need to be taught yourself

It is even helpful for me to write these blogs, because it forces me to talk with the Holy Spirit for His guidance and to take God’s word and read it thoroughly. I can get very passionate  when I get the change to inspire others and teach from Gods word. But in order to teach you first need to be taught yourself. It can be helpful to read a daily scripture, a Christian book, to listen to sermons while cooking, to sing together with your kids, to take a long walk and just feel His presence in nature, to pray together with your husband and so on.

Back to the Source

There are a lot of ways and one thing works better for you than the other. We are all different and meet God in different kind of ways. But I am convinced that we need to keep having these moments with God, to keep coming back to the Source itself to get our fire lightened up.

Let’s be carriers of God’s fire!

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