Living “Proof”

Living “Proof”

written by Myra Braswell May 26, 2019

There is an old phrase that became widely used in the 1950’s that had it’s origins as far back as the early 1700’s.  The phrase was this, “The proof is in the pudding!”  You may even hear this phrase used from time to time today.  The meaning behind this phrase is simple; it is stating a basic truth.  If you want to know how good something is, (something edible in this case), you must try it or experience it for yourself!  Then you will know!  

We want proof

The same is true for gaining a valid perspective or understanding about the quality of something. Is it a good product?  Does it deliver what was promised in performance or practice?  Does it stand up to the rigors of everyday use or achieve success in its implementation? Does it have real worth and value?  Is it going to taste good?  We are usually able to make those determinations rather quickly! 

Well, what happens when something proves to be of poor quality, or when it doesn’t quite measure up?  In the material realm, it is discarded, given a bad review, or exchanged for something that performs better!  We want to have confidence (or proof) that our investment of time and/or money has been well-spent!  We don’t want to be bothered with sub-par junk, cheap knock-off’s, substitutes, or bland and bitter generic versions of the REAL thing!  We don’t want the “look’s like but isn’t really” version of anything!!  We want and expect better, or best, and so do others.  We want the “Betty Crocker Seal of Approval” on it!!

How do we measure up?

As people, specifically Christian women, we are ever being proven, rated, and evaluated?  It is part of the social dynamic of today’s world.  How do we measure up?  The day-to-day challenges of life are a constant proving ground, testing our substance and character while the world looks on! The mixing and blending of all that is baked into our daily lives (home projects, family demands, work schedules, health crisis’, financial struggles, traffic jams, etc.) are often not the best ingredients to work with when desiring to turn out and serve a tasty batch of Christ-likeness.  Yes, in the spiritual sense, we must realize that we are facing being “proven” every day!  

I am reminded of the scripture passage found in Psalm 34:8,  “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusteth in Him.”  

When people experience us, or try us out as friends, employees, associates, or fellow believers, do we leave a bitter taste in their mouths because the quality of our character and testimony is found lacking? Or do we leave a lingering sweet and pleasant savour behind; one that they can mull over and languish in long after the encounter has passed?

Are we living proof of God’s goodness to those around us?  Do we entice the very palate of their souls to trust in God?  Is our character, our words, and life performance warranted by His Holy Spirit?  We are to be proof of all that is divine; yes, the visible, tangible, delicious nature of God, infused with love and joy, seasoned with a kind word or deed, served with a heart of compassion and gratitude for God’s favor, and ultimately served with a gentle touch and a smile!

Let them see Him when they see you

Present your best YOU, the one God intended you to be, to the world who is “sampling” this Christ we profess!  Let them SEE Him when they see you!  Let them HEAR Him when you speak!  Let them FEEL Him and KNOW Him when you serve yourself to the world!  How? By letting Him be the PROOF, in the life you live out before others!  Yes, leave them wanting MORE!  That is how we will know when our life and testimony have been truly effective!  Jesus Christ is intrinsically attractive!! The world is drawn to the banquet table and it is up to us to serve the BEST and most delectable Christ we can offer!

Are you living “PROOF” of all that HE is?  Let us, as Godly women, strive to deliver a life emblazoned with HIS seal of approval!  Oh, let them taste of His goodness, experience His love, and be satisfied in the fullness of His grace!  Amen!

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