Remaining steady and unshakable

Remaining steady and unshakable

written by Kelly May 8, 2019

The story of Joshua, the walls of Jericho, the spies and the unshakable Rahab is one of my favorites in scripture. I have heard it told and read it a million times. If you are not familiar with it, please take time to read it (Joshua 6: 1-27).

As remarkable as it is that the walls fell due to Joshua’s obedience, there is something else that I find extraordinary! In Joshua 2:15 we learn that Rahab’s house was built into that very same wall. For those of you who know the story, are you with me? HER HOUSE WAS BUILT IN THE WALL!!

Verse 22 of chapter 6 says, “go to Rahab’s house and bring her out” …..

NOW, that was AFTER the walls had collapsed! This tells me that, as the walls all around her fell, her home stood! Can you imagine how terrified she must have been about what was going on around her? I can only imagine that she was trembling with fear! Imagine the loud, frightening noises she must have heard! I can see her in my mind’s eye clinging to whatever she could as the earth shook around her…hanging on for dear life! How amazing is it that God allowed her to stay in her home so she could experience the power of His protection! 

When we are standing on shaky ground

Sometimes in life, we are standing on shaky ground. We may feel like our world is crumbling all around us and we are overcome with fear and hopelessness.  Oh…but listen, followers of Jesus Christ, He is in control and He is THE strong foundation! We have Him to cling to during these times in our lives! What a privilege to be given an opportunity to experience His love and protection firsthand! It may seem inconceivable that a trial is actually a blessing but as Paul wrote, count it all joy!  Laura Story’s song, Blessings puts it this way:

‘Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops- What if Your healing comes through tears- What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You’re near-What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise?

Blessings by Laura Story

Such true words and so beautifully written.

I am so thankful that God is unshakable! Because we belong to Him, we can remain steady and unshaken! Because we belong to Him and His unshakable kingdom, our souls will be revived in times like these. This is just the way God operates. His ways are not our ways… in times of chaos, we will have calm and order. In times of destruction, we will have a rebuilding of our faith. In times of utter fear, we will have peace that can’t be explained!  When we face grave circumstances, we WILL feel the power of His rescue! What an amazing, unshakable God we serve! 


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