written by Kelly August 8, 2019

Silence….it is a wonderful thing when we are sleeping, reading or thinking…but when we are in the midst of a trial, silence from God isn’t what we want at all!  We want to hear Him loudly and we want to hear Him quickly! Sometimes, most times, that just isn’t the way God operates. When we are going through a test it may be because God desires to have an encounter with us!  It won’t be until we completely surrender to Him with our faith and obedience that the silence will be lifted and His voice will be heard. 


Genesis 22, home of the very familiar story of Abraham’s test and his obedience to sacrifice his son, offers so many incredible lessons. Obedience and faith are undoubtedly what comes to mind first as Abraham’s example is one of the greatest in all of scripture! As I was reading this chapter earlier, the words of verse 13 came to life for me and spoke to my heart something I had never considered before. And it reads, Then Abraham looked up and saw a ram caught by its horns in a thicket. So he took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering in place of his son. 

Even in the quiet

Now…if the ram was caught in the thicket that means the ram was already there when Abraham and Isaac arrived. The ram was already there when they built the altar. The ram was already there when Abraham, surely with a heavy heart, laid his son on the altar. The ram was already there when Abraham held up the knife to kill his son. God had already provided the rescue but it was only after Abraham was completely obedient and willing to trust Him with everything that He allowed the ram to be seen and HEARD.  If you have ever heard an animal caught by their horns in bushes, you know it is a very loud sound! I think God purposely kept the ram quiet…BUT even in the quiet, Abraham remained faithful. The lesson here for us, when God is quiet and we feel like there is no answer or hope in sight… remember the ram. He will make a way for us as long as we are obedient! He WILL send a ram! 

During the Silence

Remember, during a time of testing, what God has done for you in your past. Remembering the rams of yesterday will help you to feel confident that He IS present when there is complete silence. It will help you know assuredly that there is a ram and in His perfect timing, it will be revealed! 

Be patient during the silence. Be grateful during the silence. Worship during the silence. Be expectant during the silence. It is during the silence that we are really listening and longing to hear the voice of God! Our relationship with God will flourish and deepen, which is His desire. What a beautiful thought! Thank you, God, for the silence and thank you for the ram that is sure to come! 

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