Unqualified to Equipped

Unqualified to Equipped

written by Tonya Beckwitt November 9, 2019

Imagine for a moment that you are John the Baptist, you are walking the walk and talking the talk. You are fulfilling your calling when all of a sudden the one who can take away ALL the sins of the world shows up! Jesus! The one, the only!
How would you respond to God made flesh now walking toward you?

Unqualified to Equipped

John’s instant and natural human response was unworthiness. John comments that he is unworthy to untie Jesus’s shoes. There is no mention of sin in John the Baptist’s life, only that Jesus is the only one that has ever been without sin. It is made clear in scripture that John was called from birth to prepare the way of the Lord, and there was a unique anointing on his life.

His reputation, though a bit peculiar, was still notably righteous. Yet, in the presence of his Savior even being found in the midst of servitude (baptizing converts), his response was: I’m unworthy! Their first interaction, request from Jesus to John, was not one of condemnation but of invitation. Will you be obedient and let me reveal the Father to you and let the Father reveal who I am? Will you go deeper, and let me reveal Kingdom power and fulfill your calling over your life?

See, Jesus had requested Baptism by John! What? The King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, the only begotten Son of God, is in need of Baptism by John? John feels utterly disqualified. How could he? He was unworthy to loosen Jesus’s sandals and he’s asked him to participate in the holiest and significant acts before God the Father!

Jesus’s reply, “It is needed to fulfill all righteousness”!


Jesus was inviting John to go deeper! Deeper into the things of the Father! Deeper into Eternal things! He was wanting him to co-participate in what God the Father was about to usher in! All it would require is simply John’s obedience and God the Father would handle the mighty work that was about to unfold!

Jesus knew that John was prepared from birth for this very moment! For this season and occasion! That John’s feelings of inadequacy before his Holy God did not disqualify him for the task and in fact, God was going to let him co-participate to fulfill all righteousness! Mind-blowing!

God’s timing was perfect and He was right there beside him! John, of course, was obedient to Jesus’s request and goes deeper. I can’t imagine the feeling of baptizing Jesus! Just the thought is overwhelming! To actually be John walking into the water with Jesus, there had to have been the sense that something big was about to happen! Even when walking in close relationship with the Savior, it takes trust and faith to walk toward our destiny.

Jesus being baptized by John emerges from the waters of Jordan as the Holy Spirit descends on Him as a dove and the Father speaks, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”!

In that moment Jesus in the flesh is endued with power from on High, His identity as the Son of God proclaimed in an audible voice for all to hear the proclamation! This defining moment on this earth that John had the choice to participate in, catapults Jesus into his dynamic ministry and purpose, to become the Savior of the world! What an honor! What
a day! Just like that, John the Baptist fulfills his purpose, having prepared the way of the Lord! The scriptures then shift to Jesus’s ministry here on earth and all of His mighty work He would accomplish!

A Unique Purpose

It is true that John the Baptist had a unique calling and blessing on his life. He was a great example of walking in our purpose and choosing to go deeper with God even when it is uncomfortable and we feel disqualified! His life is a testament of God’s faithfulness to fulfill His callings on our lives and equip us for the task! We all serve a unique purpose for His Kingdom and His glory! It is fulfilled through faith and obedience to Christ!

To say: “I’ll go deeper!” “I’ll stretch myself!” Listen to his invitation regardless of your feelings of inadequacies! He’s got this! If you find yourself serving, fulfilling God’s purpose on your journey, don’t be shocked if Jesus shows up and invites you to go deeper! He has equipped you! He has prepared you! He will complete the work he started in you! If you will trust Him, He will be revealed in ways that will make you look up to heaven and stand in awe!

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