While it was still dark

While it was still dark

written by Kelly April 20, 2019

Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance.

John 20:1 NIV

While reading this very familiar scripture during my quiet time, the words, “While it was still dark” jumped out at me. I have always seen this as a reference to the time. Well, not today… because you know God, He reveals His word in new ways all the time! From now on, these words have a new meaning for me altogether. These words do not simply represent the time of day but also the time in Mary’s life.

Can you imagine how she and the other Christ followers felt the days following Jesus’ crucifixion? Can you imagine their level of discouragement, disappointment, fear, hopelessness, and confusion? How many times have you been there? If you’re like me, too many to count. Some of you may be there right now and if you are, look at these words in the new light He revealed to me this morning.

“While it was still dark”,  Mary took steps toward the tomb. She was making her way to Jesus!  As far as she knew her situation was still hopeless… Jesus was still there… dead. But that didn’t stop her from moving forward! She didn’t wait until her situation changed. The dark hour in her life didn’t stop her from trusting in Him and taking one faithful step after the other… and she wasn’t disappointed. You and I won’t be either as Jesus, most certainly, will meet us at our greatest hour of need!

In the midst of our dark

So the next time you are surrounded by the darkness of your circumstances, keep moving! Don’t let the situation you are facing block your faith and replace your joy. Just as the stone that sealed Jesus’ tomb was to keep in death and darkness, our lack of faith and complete surrender can have the same result in our lives! Take steps toward Jesus and I promise you He will roll away the stone that is blocking your hope, happiness or healing. When we run to Jesus, He will reveal Himself in the midst of our dark hour and the light of a new day will come. 

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