Wonder Woman Stop Stressing

Wonder Woman Stop Stressing

written by Willemien November 16, 2019

We have our schedules and agendas filled with never-ending appointments and to-do lists. We are
busy for God, but we have rarely time with God. Any recognition? Continually saying yes to everything does                              not make you Wonder Woman, it will make you tired!

Wonder Woman Stop Stressing

This quote I saw on Insta posted by She Rises Dutch and it took me back to this morning when we had our                                weekly devotion moment with our school team. My colleague had the privilege to share something with us and she
talked about the “perfect” woman described in proverbs 31. We all know her, and she puts the bar
pretty high. She plants the land, works in her house, takes care of the poor, has her own business,
her house is tidy, her kids are clothed well and her spouse speaks highly of her. Wise words come out
of her mouth. This woman is even busier than I am! I bet she doesn’t even have the time to watch her
favorite series on Netflix. How does she keep up a good spirit?

In verse 30 is written, that she fears the Lord. She knows He is the King of her life, He will lead and
provide and bless the works of her hands. In all that she does, she is not alone, the fear for the Lord,
the knowing of who He is for her and in her gives her strength.
In Mark 6 you read about Jesus sending out His disciples and then in verse 30 they come back ‘ Mark 6:30-31; The
apostles gathered around Jesus and reported to him all they had done and taught. Then, because so
many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them,
“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

An Eye-Opener

It was such an eye-opener to me. Jesus’s response was not very enthusiastic or praising them. He
didn’t say, “Well, stay in this anointing and keep up the work you are doing. He wasn’t lead by the
many people who were coming towards them that He felt the need to push His disciples to help and
pray for those people. No…look what He says, ”Come with me, by yourselves to a quiet place and get
some rest”. And probably eat something because they didn’t have had the time for it.

Jesus knew that the work could go on and on, He saw how enthusiastic the disciples were. They
probably would have kept going and going. Isn’t that often what we do? We get overwhelmed by the
need, they could always use more leaders at church, more hands to help at school, more hours to put
into your work, more cleaning to do in our house, more friends who need some of your time and we
feel we have to keep going. We could even think because that’s what Jesus wants us to do, He wants
us to do as many good as we can. But is that really true? Not if we look at this verse. He knows what His                        disciples need, they need to eat and to rest, they need to have some time by their selves and with Jesus.                              Aren’t these the things we all need? But maybe don’t always take the time for?

This Lesson

When I look around I never heard of so many people having a burn-out. Young people who are in
there twenties or thirties. Christians, people who walk with God even leaders. I am sure, that a burn-
out is not part of God’s plan for you. He wants us to take good care of ourselves. He wants us to take
time to sit with Him, look at Mary, to take time to be by ourselves to have quality time, me-time. He
wants us to take good care of our bodies, to eat healthy and to rest. It is better to prevent than to

Let’s take this lesson that Jesus not only gives to His disciples but also to us at heart. We don’t
have to be “Wonder woman who never sleeps or eats” we can be a “wonder woman of God who
fears the Lord knows that He is with us in all we do and He wants to take good care of ourselves.

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